The Society for the Pilates Method Register of Teachers (SPMRT) is the UK’s largest dedicated listing for Pilates professionals.

Launched by the Society for the Pilates Method (SPM), the register is administered by PD:Approval, an independent quality assurance organisation which supports the SPM’s aims:

  • To be a collective voice for the Pilates profession
  • To create a unified body for fully comprehensive training providers
  • To protect the integrity of the Pilates Method and its practice
  • To work to improve diversity in our community of Pilates students, teachers, and tutors.
  • To provide support and ongoing training for Pilates teachers in the UK

Current List of full SPM Professional Members

Alan Herdman Pilates

Body Control Pilates

MK Pilates

Pilates Foundation

All SPM Professional Members are training providers accredited by PD:Approval as delivering qualifications that meet the SPM Standards.

For full details about the SPM and its work in the Pilates sector, visit their website.